Pewterware Gifts

The company producing this quality pewterware has a history going back to the 18th Century! A number of specialist companies were amalgamated during the 19th Century which helped to forge a special blend of craftsmen, whose skills have kept them in the forefront of the manufacture of quality pewterware. Coming from the days when steam power and belt driven motors were used, when candle and oil were the only means of light, through the torrid times of World Wars, and on to the present day up to date ammenities, the craftspeople are still an integral part of the company.

The History of Pewter:

By the 14th Century pewter was being widely used in place of wood and pottery for tableware and for other household purposes.

Craft Guilds sprang up throughout Europe, as craftsmen banded together to protect their craft secrets, to uphold production standards and to regularise social conduct. From 1503 an Act of Parliament required members of the Company to register their touchmarks, 'to be recorded on tables of pewter' which were kept at the Hall of the Guild. The use of a makers touchmark on his products served not only to safeguard the craftsmen, but also enable the public to have confidence in the quality of the product.

The last few decades have seen a remarkable resurgence of interest in pewter. Its production has moved from the small scale aspect of the past into a modern industry. Long established pewterers are expanding and modernising their methods, whilst upholding their traditions of fine workmanship and new entrants into the industry are introducing new manufacturing methods.

All this has produced a wealth of affordable artefacts and we hope you like the ones we have chosen for you.
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